Belmont Stakes: Betting Odds 2019

Sir Winston, A Long Shot Delivered The Win At The Belmont Stakes

The last leg of the Triple Crown races, the Belmont Stakes, celebrated its 151st run in the ever-changing but at the same time highly traditional horse racing industry last June 8, 2019. The competition was over a long distance of 12 furlongs or 1 ½ miles. Various racehorses and tracks took part in the most awaited of events. Individuals from different locations in the world also take part in this sporting game. The Sports Techie community blog has deep concerns however about the Santa Anita racetrack where 29 horses have died or been put down since Christmas, 2018. California and other states are trying to ensure the safety of the horses and jockeys with independent reviews. The Belmont, Preakness Stakes and the Kentucky Derby have no such history of horse and rider safety concerns so bet on.

Horse Racing Punters

Horse racing is among the oldest sports events in the world, but despite its decrepitude, there are still thousands of people wanting to witness the event in person and millions more watching on their TV and digital devices because enjoying it never gets old.

Belmont Stakes betting involves monetary rewards when you bet the right horses. Notably, there are different reasons why people bet on these certain events; two main reasons include betting for fun and betting for profit. Either way, you are both taking the risk of your time and your money.  Never bet what you cannot afford to lose.

Specific individuals betting for fun are usually referred to as “recreational bettors” because they are wagering for leisure, no matter what the outcome of the event. They do not just focus their minds on the results, rather they are just happy-go-lucky kind of people who look for entertainment in the game more than the money they are risking. I will often bet on my favorite number six or a hot trainer to win. Often times I try and nail an exacta or trifecta box bet with a long shot in the ticket because it pays well if it comes in a winner no matter the order of the two or three winning horses. The odds are usually long on these bets for a reason unless you select the favorites.

Usually, these kinds of bettors can spend more money because they just bet for what they think would serve them best to achieve the entertainment factor with little or no regards for the odds of the race.

Another reason is betting for profit. This kind of wagering is the most common among bettors. Monetary reward is what gives these people pleasure and financial gain keeping them wanting to bet on races, often times, again and again. Upon using the right approach to betting, you can most likely win money regularly.

But, it is also essential to note that in betting for profit, you need to set aside your feelings. Picking a bet other than your favorite is emotionless because often your wanted contender has the lowest chances of winning the race. There are racing experts that share their picks for free or a fee which can give you a competitive edge when betting.

Belmont Stakes 2019 odds before the race

Sir Winston, the Belmont Stakes 2019 winner, placed second in the Belmont’s local prep, Peter Pan, and for his efforts earned a three-digit figure earnings before Sir Winston’s first place award at the Belmont Stakes. The horse had a 12/1 chance of winning the race before the event even started. For the record, I called this win, ask my brother Ricky @eltiebron.

War of Will trained by the same trainer as Sir Winston became the top most wanted contender by most bettors with a low odds to win of 2 to 1. He showed his real capacity by giving his all to take the Preakness Stakes but it was simple not enough for the elusive victory. His trainer, Mark Casse, said that since winning the Preakness, he had put on 40-50 pounds.

Tax, on the other hand, trained by Danny Gargan, completed a dark 15th place in the dreaded derby track of mud. He was only a few lengths back of Tacitus in the race at Wood Memorial.

Winning three victories in a row, Tacitus entered the Belmont Stakes race with a attractive odds of 9-5. The horse ended up making an incredible run in Kentucky making a late run in the Derby to no avail.

Racehorse Spinoff raced in the Derby with extreme 52-1 odds, but almost the whole journey was moored wide. He was was a distant second at the Louisiana Derby. Before entering the Belmont Stakes, his odds came in at at 15-1. Most people anticipated that he wasn’t going to win this year’s Belmont Stakes and he didn’t.

The Japan bred racehorse, Master Fencer at 58-1, is trained by Koichi Tsunoda and cracked out last out of 19 horses at Churchill Downs until starting a good run, reaching Maximum Security within four lengths at the finish. For the 2019 Belmont Stakes, Master Fencer ended up with an 8-1 chance of winning the race.

Respected horse, Joevia, returned to 11/16 miles and managed to win a 100k deep field race in the playoffs that happened at Monmouth. He came in a 30-1 longshot of winning the Belmont.

Intrepid Heart, had 10-1 odds entering the race. He had won his earlier batch at the Peter Pan as the third most favorite of the day.

After placing in the Preakness as second next to War of Will, the horse Everfast almost stunned the world of racing after initially falling back 22 lengths. The horse reached Belmont Stakes with decent 12-1 racing odds.


Betting the Belmont Stakes may have been for fun, profit or both, but no matter what was your reasoning, knowing the odds of the race in real-time is critical for success.

This year’s Belmont Stakes, Sir Winston undoubtedly became the 2019 clear winner in the 1 ½ mile distance of track raced under good conditions. This was unlike the sloppy dirt track at the Kentucky Derby where instant replay used by the stewards resulted in the disqualification of the winning horse Maximum Security, for the first time in the tracks 145 year legacy delivering the win to Country Horse at an astonishing 65-1 odds. The pristine conditions at the Belmont thus enabled the horse’ speed and consistency together with the jockeys wise and legal move as the horse rounded the last turn for the homestretch to truly deserve the coveted win.

Betting is a fun leisure activity, giving you the privilege to enjoy every part of the event. Likely, it not only gives you time to enjoy the day’s festivities but can also allow everyone a chance to receive higher payouts.

In everything that we do, we must take into account all the risks it is bringing and ensure that we can overcome and manage these circumstances. Once again, never bet money you cannot afford to lose.

Know Horse Racing Odds in Real-Time

Sports Techie, horse racing is fan experience enhanced by sports technology. NBC Sports does a nice job using sports tech during the pre-race, race and post-race broadcast. I love that the winning jockey is interviewed in real-time right after the race by a fellow horse rider equipped with a microphone while the NBC cameras record it all for the benefit of the fans.

Whether you bet a tough pick 6, a horse to place or show, or simple want to wager on the horse and riders colored green to win, enjoy the sporting event and be sure to always check the evolving odds in real-time, it’s in your best interest.

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