ad:s Marketing Data Intelligence For Sports Betting Operators Launched By Sportradar

Sportradar launches ad:s, a Full-Service Data-Driven Marketing Service for Sports Betting Operators

The launch of ad:s by Sportradar is a true sign of the digital times in that sports gambling in the United States and worldwide is growing like crazy thanks to technology making it ripe with opportunities. Marketing data intelligence specifically for sports betting operators is at the core of this new sport business opportunity for ad:s. Research and Market say the gambling market around the world will have revenue in the $525 billion range by 2023. The Sports Techie community blog believes that number is too low because the CAGR of approximately 4% during 2017-2023 is not large enough. Sportradar´s global Sports Media Strategy features ad:s. This news today out of New York and London is a sports tech story to watch.

ad:s signals the next evolution in the way Sportradar supports to grow the bookmaker’s business.

Sports Betting

The bookmaker industry is going through an evolution, especially here in the U.S. after the Supreme Court ruled last year to allow states the right to decide whether to make sports gambling legal. Just like other new industries such as solar power, marijuana and organic foods, the future looks bright when the space explodes with opportunity. Sports betting is no different.

Right now a new company stands a decent chance of becoming a successful sportsbook because of the newness of the opportunity. They say most start-ups fail but like the first game of a professional sports season, it’s the one time odds are ever so slightly in your favor until the bookies crunch data and create more accurate odds and spreads. Now is that time in sports betting.

Sooner rather than later, consolidation will occur and just a few will own a lot of the industry. This model is nothing new and when it happens, many betting companies will either get bought out, merge or unfortunately, go under.

Thus the need by existing operators to seek out complex data-driven marketing solutions as a competitor differentiator.

Sportradar aligned with influential industry digital traffic sources for bookmakers including, Sofascore and Besoccer.

Full-Service Marketing

In steps ad:s with sophisticated marketing solutions created specifically to support ad spend using targeted money spent on verifiable prospects as well as measuring results. To keep things seamless, Sportradar integrated their media products with ad:s solutions with the goal of further increasing the amount of warm and fuzzy leads any bookmaker would love to have in the soon to be overcrowded market.

Sportradar wants to provide these services as part of their global Sports Media Strategy. The speed and reliability Sportradar operates at is exactly why they believe ad:s is launching at the right time to the right space. By leveraging their international sales force together with state-of-the-art infrastructure ad:s is positioned to eliminate waste and streamline marketing spend.

Marketing services include sponsorship consulting, SEO and SEA marketing, UI/UX consulting, digital traffic networks, programmatic advertising, pop-under ad networks, ad products and affiliate marketing. They also developed DSP for programmatic advertising and other services offered.

Betting operators in need of brand awareness and performance marketing, and services such as Artificial Intelligence and Analytics of Digital Traffic, Sponsorships and Consulting / Ad Products for the Audience and Rights Holder, have finally met their ad spend match.


The leader at ad:s is Rainer Geier, a betting and media industries veteran over the past 18 years. His experienced team consists of ad tech and ad product experts. Sportradar´s global Sports Media Strategy is led by Felix Geyr whose career spans more than 20 years in the technology & mobile industries.

“Being the unequivocal leader in this industry, ad:s is a natural and necessary evolution of our global sports betting business that will help bring more customers to market for bookmakers,” said Geyr. ad:s works across all channels, but we are particularly excited by the proposition in digital where the pre-game, in-game and post-game opportunities allow us to develop really exciting and tailored offerings for any and every sports betting operator, no matter their size or environment .”


Sportradar is the leading global provider of sports data intelligence. The nexus between sports and entertainment, the company serves leagues, news media, consumer platforms and sports betting operators with deep insights and a suite of strategic solutions to help grow their businesses. Sportradar has over 500 sports rights holders. Sportradar is the trusted partner of more than 1,000 companies in over 80 countries and serves as the official partner of the NBA, NFL, NHL and NASCAR as well as FIFA and UEFA. It is also the only provider entrusted to work with the US sports leagues in an official capacity to distribute sports data (NBA and NHL) and AV rights (MLB) around the world for betting purposes. The company monitors and delivers insights from more than 400,000 matches annually across 60 sports categories, having developed the industry’s most proficient software while setting new standards for speed and accuracy. With deep industry relationships, Sportradar is not just redefining the sports fan experience; it also safeguards the sports themselves through its Integrity Services division and advocacy for an integrity-driven ecosystem that is fair to partners, players and fans.

ad:s Marketing Data Intelligence For Sports Betting Operators Launched By Sportradar

Sports Techie, Sportradar wants ad:s to further optimize bookmakers’ marketing spend. Pretty simple statement for such a complicated task.

The primary users are sports betting related, however, ad:s wishes to partner with non-betting related brands that speak to the sports enthusiast market.

I get excited when thinking about where the industry is at this very moment thanks to the likes of sports tech company, Sportradar. Imagine what they will accomplish over the next five years. That is unless they are bought out by the likes of Nike, ESPN or FOX because that’s how the moneyball sometimes rolls.

Either way, do not cheat and gamble.

See ya later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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