Bet, Win, Play Online: Here’s How To Become A Better Sports Bettor

Sports Betting Traits Of A Winner

Many punters think that betting on sports is about a game of luck and chance, only. I myself have laid down plenty of horse racing bets based on quirks like the jockey’s colors, horse’s raceday demeanor, or a name that I simply liked for whatever the reason. While this is true, an excellent sports bettor should not rely solely on fate to end up successful. He or she should be able to spend thorough research on learning the whole world of sports betting at the same time, forming the best betting systems to work with.

The same with the stock market, the sports betting industry is a global marketplace that generated many consumers in the past centuries...

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Fantasy Football Strategy: 5 Best Tips to Playing Fantasy Football

Football lovers tend to become game analysts, stat-machines that run the numbers when it comes to their favorite game. However, it’s not just about running the numbers, or about the players the fans are rooting for, or their favorite football team. The third-string running back of the second-best team from another division is also a part of the big picture. 

Nothing can bend the fact that a fantasy football player should be in the right position to dominate the first round down to the last. Strategies are great, but you may not want to overdo them. Some pointers might be what you need...

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Big East Conference Esports Joins Electronic Gaming Federation’s EGFC Season 2

The BIG EAST Conference formalized their Division I eSports league standing by joining the Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) and competing for a National Championship with 39 total DI varsity programs. The 11-member schools are scheduled to play a three-year, multigame season for the first time ever with membership in the official EGF Collegiate (EGFC) league. I grew up when Big East Basketball was just blowing up on ESPN some forty years ago showcasing the intense rivalries between NYC and neighboring state schools. Cable TV was responsible for Georgetown Hoyas player Patrick Ewing and his Head Coach, John Thompson (RIP), and Chris Mullin and St. John’s University, becoming household names like Piranha and several shoutcaster’s have done so already with video game communities...

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GM School Season 2 Presented By SAP, NBA And Turner Sports

SAP Re-Enrolls in Sophomore Season of NBA Reality TV Show GM School

SAP is the data and stats analytics partner of the stat-loving NBA. The partners announced details surrounding Season 2 of its advanced analytics, head-to-head reality show, GM School Powered by SAP. It debuts tonight, October 1 at 9 PM ET on NBA TV. The goal is to graduate from #GMSchool as the last one standing which looks amazing on the winning contestant’s resume. The graduate will also be introduced to NBA executives for a career networking opportunity...

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TeamSnap Health Check For COVID-19 Conducted Three Million Free Screenings

TeamSnap is doing their part in 2020 to screen kids for COVID-19 symptoms thanks to their Health Check screening feature used on 3 million kids playing youth sports across the United States, Canada and other parts of North America so far. Clubs and teams are using the platform’s new tool launched in August to perform health checks for thousands of kids. TeamSnap’s technology allows access to COVID-19 screening questions using iOS or Android mobile devices. The Sports Techie community applauds innovative sports tech companies for developing applications to help identify, track and manage the spread of coronavirus...

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Match Tennis App Developed Virtual Tournament Desk For COVID-19 Social Distancing

Sports Tech Startup Company Helping Keep Tennis Tournaments Alive in the United States

Tennis startup Match Tennis App has COVID-19 social distancing rules coded into their Virtual Tournament Desk (VTD) platform as a way to get the game moving forward. Coronavirus has permeated society worldwide making large gatherings such as a sport tournament somewhat risky even with the most well thought out and executed health and safety plans in place. Live sports, whether as participants or fans seems to help people cope with the realism of where the United States is at in terms of defeating this nasty little virus...

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Strat-O-Matic’s Strat School Platform Launched To Assist Kids Learn Core Subjects

‘Strat School’ Launches To Help Children Learn Math, Statistics, More While Having Fun Remotely

Strat-O-Matic’s new Strat School is a platform and lesson plans designed for teachers and parents to assist kids with learning about math and stats in order to make decisions based on their interpretation of the baseball data. The concept to use sports simulation games to help kids learn about the probability of an outcome or play after the roll of dice is logical, especially with the spread of COVID-19 and the delay of school openings across the country. Online learning is now a nationwide standard in the hardest hit regions of the U.S. for the foreseeable future...

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Ready Nutrition Is New Official Protein of UCLA Athletics

Ready® Nutrition Announces Power 5 Partnership

Ready® Nutrition announced they are UCLA Athletics new exclusive provider of protein products making this the popular sports nutrition companies first partnership with a Power 5 university.  The multi-year deal includes the right to supply protein packed products to UCLA’s 700 student-athletes representing 25 different Division I collegiate sport programs. The Sports Techie community blog has covered Ready as they grow their brand across the United States, this time with a Bruins athletic department business relationship. Investors, co-owners and product users include the NBA’s 2020 and 2019 MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, as well as the two-time pro football Defensive Player of the Year, Aaron Donald...

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LUMASPORT LED Sports Lighting System Patents Optimize Operations While Saving Costs

Christian Brothers Academy in Syracuse, NY is the first high school field to employ the new Ephesus LUMASPORT sports lighting system.

The new LUMASPORT Sports Lighting System uses advanced LED lighting technology patents designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This is important to know as the northern hemisphere is about to enter into the fall and winter solstice months meaning indoor sporting events are back on despite the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to spread across America...

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Cisco And 8AM Golf Launch Chirp Gaming App For U.S. Open Championship Fans

A New Way For Golf Fans To Play presented by Cisco

In-game betting during live sports events is the new sports tech enhanced craze making the 2020 U.S. Open Championship at Winged Foot, PGA Tour tournament launch for Chirp, a new and free golf wagering app developed by 8AM Golf and the app’s sponsor, Cisco, well-timed. The owner of GOLF Magazine/ and GolfLogix (the most downloaded app in golf history), enters into the gaming space with real-time games ready to play as you watch the second Major golfing event of the year beginning Thursday. As viewers watch each PGA Tour broadcast, live in-round odds are pushed out to the app allowing users 30 seconds to bet (or not) on live scenarios. Can Rory McIlroy reach the green on a three-par with his tee shot? Will Tiger Woods make his...

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