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VSporto Expands to Alabama and Auburn Internet Sports Radio

VSporto Expands to Alabama and Auburn Radio Internet

VSporto Expands to Alabama and Auburn Radio Internet

The President of VSporto, Keith Jasper, took the time to update the Sports Techie community blog about their newest Internet radio app made for University of Alabama sports content. He shared company data about their properties Internet performance numbers and offered our readers analytical insight for the month of September. Their recently launched apps for Alabama and Auburn fans resulted in 6 times the amount of traffic that Bulldog Sports Radio and Rebel Sports Radio and their listeners produced.

BAMA Sports Radio

The Alabama Crimson Tide 24-hour radio iOS app is part of the VSporto network of over 2.5 million listeners. VSporto has now streamed over 1.5 million hours of college sports content...

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VSporto is your team, your radio, over the Internet

VSporto, your team, your radio

VSporto is your team, your radio, over the Internet. VSporto is a new Internet sports radio network that focuses on 24-hour team-specific, all encompassing, content programming. It was a Sports Techie pleasure to speak with Program Director, Kellen Farmer, about their exciting new sportsbiz based in Mississippi.

The VSporto idea for online sports radio that is team related began about five years ago. Through vision, hard work and due diligence, they have grown the VSporto concept into a real business. At this moment they have two NCAA Division I and SEC clients. Bulldog Sports focuses on Independent coverage of Mississippi State. Rebel Sports Radio is focused on generating sticky Ole Miss content.

Kellen was fired up that VSporto covered ...

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