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Techie is the new Geek at Global Sports Forum Barcelona

THE Sports Techie at GSFB

Techie is the new Geek at the Global Sports Forum Barcelona. The two trending Sports Techie topics at GSFB 2012 were Social Media and the Olympics Games, with a third, Techie, the other focus of this blog. The following are sports business experts: Seb Coe, Mark Tatum and Eric Cantona. Many Americans and Internationals might know one of these names; however, I would be impressed if you knew who all three people are. Thing is, each of these people is a Sports Techie.

Before I tell you who they are and what they spoke about I need to elaborate a bit more about why Techie is the new Geek at the #GSFB...

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Day Two of Global Sports Forum Barcelona was Fan-Tastic

Hope Solo from DWTS and US Soccer at the GSFB

Day Two of Global Sports Forum Barcelona was Fan-Tastic. Read my Sports Techie official blogger post at the GSFB web site via this link below.

Oscar Pistorius at Global Sports Forum Barcelona

Global Sports Forum Barcelona Official Blogger Credentials

I will see ya when I see ya, Sports Techie

Sports Techie Twitter: @sportstechieNET,
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GSFB sessions to be streamed LIVE right now!

Eric Cantona Live at the GSFB

The GSFB has just been launched and this year it has once again broken new ground in terms of speakers and program.

In order not to miss this fourth edition, join us at the following address to watch live, the main sessions of the event:

If you want to ask your questions during the sessions, I invite you to follow and mention our Twitter account @globalsportsfor using the hashtag #GSFB.

Eric Cantona, Seb Coe, Amy Lupo, Laird Hamilton, Oscar Pistorius, Kévin Rolland and many others wait you!

Sports Techie

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The GSFB 2012 Starts Out Right

Global Sports Forum Barcelona 2012- Sport, What's Next?

The GSFB 2012 Starts Out Right: a Global Sports Forum and Sports Techie Blog –

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Front Office 2012 is an Upgrade

Front Office 2012 Dashboard

Spring Training has started and the want and will to win a MLB fantasy baseball league for many a Sports Techie is fast approaching. Fantasy analytics is becoming a new major sportsbiz because of tools like Front Office which was the top paid fantasy baseball tool for most of 2011.

Sports Techie wrote about Bloomberg Sports and Front Office 2011 here: The FO 2012 version promises to be an upgrade that furthers your capacity to win your leagues.

Front Office 2012 Daily Values for David Jeter

“The latest additions to ‘Front Office’ were a direct result of the feedback we have received from our subscribers, and we are very excited to add these pieces to what is already the most comprehensive and robust product available ...

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