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The NFL needs goal line technology worse than FIFA

FoxSports Technology

New Infrared Technology Image at MLB World Series

The NFL needs goal line technology worse than FIFA, Sports Techie. As much as I love the NFL, they must be called out for not having goal line technology in place at a bare minimum in order to assist the officials in getting touchdown calls correct. Yes, the argument that if you implement it at the goal line then you have to have it in place for the first down line is valid, and I totally agree.

It’s like MLB bringing in instant replay only to restrict it to home run calls and not apply it to obviously blown calls that could be reversed if a better technological Solution was in place. Get this straight Sports Techie, money is zero factor...

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NBC and deltatre building London Olympics web site

deltare has sports tech offices worldwide

deltare and NBC to build the London Olympics web site

NBCUniversal Media partners with deltatre to build the NBC Olympics Website for the London Olympic Games. When you think about sports technology, digital media and events, does deltatre and NBC come to mind, Sports Techie? To me they do because that is what we are good at. Of course NBC does for us all, they are gynormous innovators of sports technology and the Olympic Games are where they showcase the latest software, hardware and Solution goods. But deltatre, who are they?

These 2012 London Olympic Games will produce record breaking web traffic, well over the one billion mark, which will produce a massive compilation of data...

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STAPLES Center New Solutions with Cisco and Verizon

STAPLES Center Transforms Fan Exp. with Verizon and Cisco

Today, the Staples Center in Los Angles implemented a new techie fan experience with HD Digital Video Solutions developed together with Cisco and Verizon. Fans at tonight’s St. Louis Blues vs. L.A. Kings NHL hockey game will be the first to interact with the new customizable Solutions that are truly Transforming the Game. The owners and operators of the Staples Center, AEG, wanted their facility to continue to be world class while leading the way for the next generation sports fan who loves to engage with technology.

It was a thrill to speak on a briefing call and discuss sportsbiz directly with Todd Kline, Vice President of Global Partnerships at AEG, and James Timmons, Vice President of Global Enterprise Sales, Verizon Communica...

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MLB Postseason With DVR

MLB Postseason Sports Technology

This fall, you don’t need an enhanced television package like DirectStarTV in order to catch live playoff action. However, you might want to look into upgrading your television package regardless, so as to be able to tap into the benefits of DVR and instant replay. Now, it is true that for many of the MLB’s broadest and most enthusiastic fan bases and sportsbiz, this postseason has already lost some of its luster. The Yankees and Phillies, favorites in many people’s eyes to reach the World Series, both lost in the first round. The Red Sox failed to make the playoffs. And the Atlanta Braves, looking to return to playoff prowess and having had a magnificent season, just barely missed out on the postseason thanks to a late season collapse...

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