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Sports Techie Daily Deals begin in October

Sports Techie Daily Deals begin in October. Sports Techie is pleased to announce that we are entering Social Commerce together with our new Seattle area partners, Venpop.

Sports Techie Daily Deal

If you want to learn more about and purchase the hottest sports tech gadgets, shoes, apparel, apps, treadmills, Solutions, glasses, heart rate monitors, electronics, rehab and training devices, and much more, all at big savings, then please sign up here:

Watch this Venpop Intro video: Venpop Intro.

Our Sportsbiz concept is simple: with Venpop’s proprietary technology, ST can now offer a Daily Deal to our Sports Techie members.

Our goal is to offer 300 fresh Daily Deals of sports and/or technology, pe...

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Sony Catch the Tablet Seattle

Sports Techie did Catch The Tablet by Sony in Seattle

Sports Techie rsvp’d to the Sony Catch the Tablet Seattle event where everyone who attended was a definite winner. The Sony Electronics tour had previous fan meetups in New York, Miami and San Francisco. Sony decided to award one extra lucky city in the US a chance to be the last stop of the Tablet tour. A total of six Tablets prizes were being given away, three online, and three more to some lucky Seattle area locals.

Sony Blog:…>

Sony Electronics #CatchTheTablet event poster

This Sony Social Media campaign had Sukhjit in charge and she was an outstanding hostess for the happy ...

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The 911 Sports Techie Tribute blog

A 911 Sports Techie Tibute from Seattle

The 911 Sports Techie Tribute blog. My sports technology career landed me in Atlanta a decade ago working for Dartfish as a Senior Program Manager. This was an exciting time in my sports tech career. Dartfish had created some of the most innovative sports tech on the planet.

In 2001, they moved their US corporate HQ from Portland to Atlanta and made me an offer to move to the South and help them open up their new office space. It was located on the campus of Georgia Tech and part of the Universities startup incubator program.

The year I lived in the 404 working for Dartfish was surreal in hindsight. I arrived the week of Dale Earnhardt’s death and everything changed after 911. In between, I saw Michael Vick score his first TD in person...

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