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Madden 12 Online Communities Review

EA Sports VR Football

On August 30th, Madden 12 will be offering a new feature called ‘Communities’ that is poised to be an online difference maker just like their constantly evolving football video game is for many happy gamers. Madden 12 promises to allow its players to find games with others in a Community. Each Community can have up to 2,000 players where you can play head-to-head online football against fellow Maddenites.

My experience as an online Community and historical wikis Moderator for the NY Giants, Houston Rockets, Entourage and DWTS, tells me that the EA Sports ‘Communities’ feature will be a significant evolution in sports technology history and therefore becomes the subject matter for our newest Sports ...

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Inside the MLB Fan Cave

MLB FanCave and Sony Electronics

The ‘Inside the MLB Fan Cave’ blog by Sony Electronics was published the day of the 2011 MLB All-Star game. Mike and Ryan were hired to watch every MLB baseball game at Fan Cave and are living in New York full-time during this entire season. The Fan Cave is a premier Sports Techie crib. Watching the All-Star game or any other baseball game there must be aces.

Both the MLB FanCave: @MLBFanCave and Sony Electronics: @SonyElectronics are connected with Sports Techie on Twitter. Very thankful for the Twitter follow back. I enjoy your tweets.

Click on this link to get to the MLB Fan Cave blog by Sony Electronics and be sure to watch their Youtube video:

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LIVESTRONG and Sporting KC together with Cisco

LiveStrong Sporting Park, Sporting KC and Cisco

LIVESTRONG have licensed the name to Major League Soccer team Sporting Club of Kansas City to name its stadium and event complex “LIVESTRONG Sporting Park.” Through this unique partnership, MLS fans will join the fight against cancer every time they support their team.

LIVESTRONG has innovated with Sporting KC and Cisco to create a customized experience that allows friends to connect with the help of sports technology integration at their connected stadium.

Cisco and Sporting KC Youtube video:

LIVESTRONG, Sporting KC and Cisco are changing the way we play.

I will see ya when I see ya, Sports Techie.
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