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E Ink Snowboard Display Prototype

EInk concept snowboard shows data on display

The new concept E Ink Surf segmented display Ride snowboard by Continuum and developed by Espon is total Sports Techie.

This prototype snowboard tells the time, speed, direction, mountain temperature, altitude and weather forecast data, plus has an e-mail inbox using bluetooth that can be read on a low powered technology flexible screen integrated onto the boards nose which syncs with an E Paper watch or smartphones. The display is high contrast, low profile, direct sun readable and powered by a piezo-electric generator. Power is created by riding, bending or jumping on the board.

Whether you are bombing down the slope, doing big air in the halfpipe, or chllin on the chairlift on...

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Contour Cam is hiring an Editor Content Manager

Contour Cam in Seattle

Contour Cam is hiring an Editor/Content Manager in Seattle, Sports Techie.

A hands-free HD camera, storytelling app, and social community to show off your epic Sports Techie adventures.

Bam Margera and Kerry Getz Skate with Contour via Youtube:

Cameras that inspire people to share epic stories of adventure, travel, and sports from around the world. So – What’s Your Story? See:

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Ultra Sports Techie beautiful day U2 concert in Seattle

Ultra Sports Techie Commander Kelly

Beautiful Day from Ultra Sports Techie Commander Kelly at U2

It was an Ultra Sports Techie beautiful day U2 concert in Seattle when a video message from Commander Mark E. Kelly, who is on 16-day mission with the Endeavour crew, was shown to everyone at Qwest Field on the BIG screen. Having worked on the Our Team Works stadium campaign team for another Ultra Sports Techie, Paul Allen, this unforgettable moment sunk in with the fact that my fellow Washington State voters passed Referendum 48 in 1997 by only a slim 1.5 percent margin, otherwise, the Seahawks were off to California and this special moment at Qwest Field would never have happened...

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Detroit Tigers Weekly and Sports Technology

Sports Technology at the VMAC

DVSports Video Tech at the Seahawks VMAC

Love this Detroit Tigers Weekly video titled ‘Technology in the Game’ where you can link to below. Maybe you have a question about what sports technology actually is, or perhaps you already have a good idea but want to learn more, either way, you will want to watch this brilliant Fox SportsNet Detroit video that discusses what their team and MLB are doing with the newest tech.

I have had a 15-year career with Sports Technology beginning with the Seattle Seahawks back in 1996 which is about 75-years in tech time. It is amazing to watch how new gear, machines and Solutions are advancing in development at exponential rates.

The newest sports technology trend discussed ...

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