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Why and How to be a Sports Techie

Magic Johnson is Sports Techie in 1994

LA Summer Pro League with Magic Johnson

Why and How to be a Sports Techie. Why become a Sports Techie? I will tell you why but first, thank you for clicking on the link and ending up here via the virtual world to our fast growing at Internet speed, online community. The reason you are now considering becoming or already are an official Sports Techie is that you simply like sports and technology, just like me. You might enjoy sports more or perhaps your fancy is on the technology side, it could even be a 50/50 split. Whatever the case may be, deep inside, there is a sports and technology balance at the core of being a real Sports Techie.

Sports Techie is now considered the world’s leading expert resource and online community...

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Runners World Has Social Media Klout

Runner's World June 2011 Issue

Runner’s World Has Social Media Klout. Runner’s World (RW) has a score of 77. Klout measures Online and Internet Influence. A score of 77 indicates that the RW Social Media (SM) model, strategy and team are working well for parent company Rodale after just one-year’s time.

I spoke with RW Director of Communications David Tratner about their SM efforts. David said that their SM measurable results have provided data that has shaped their Internet strategy.

SM Editor Susan Rinkunas has done a marvelous job of engaging the RW’s online community...

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Seattle Times The Ultimate Weekly Fantasy Baseball Challenge

Play 11Runs and Seattle Times New Fantasy Baseball Game

Play The Ultimate Weekly Fantasy Baseball Challenge via the Seattle Times over the weekend or midweek and win cash prizes Sports Techie. This new and exciting fantasy baseball format by 11Runs is completely legal because it is setup as a game of skill, which under the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is a-ok!

As a former paperboy for the @seattletimes in the late 1970s’ and early 80s’ who used to mail in the newspapers free guess guesser game, it blows me away that I am writing a blog about how readers in 2011 can now play Fantasy Baseball by online digital means and win cash. Yeehaw!

Sports Techie was contacted by an Israeli PR company named Blonde20 and asked to write about an English company named Footbo LTD who has ...

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Best New Sports Tradition is Social Media during Live Sports Events

Social Media is your eye on the worlds Live ball game

The Best New Sports Tradition is using Social Media during Live Sports events. After the last 24 hours, there is no doubt about that. The death of Osama bin Laden touched everyone and everything via Social Media, including Sports. Without Technology, this would never have been the case Sports Techie.

I was looking at the tweet stream of Tom Jolly last week. He is the New York Times former Sports Editor from 2003 until earlier this year and is now the Associate Managing Editor for the Night News. I have exchanged tweets with Tom several times this past year and consider him to be a solid and decent person...

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