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Easton Lacrosse Gets Sports Techie

Easton Lacrosse Raptor Helmet

Easton Lacrosse gets Sports Techie. All you have to do is go to their web site at and look at the top menu bar. There are six choices: Products, Technology, Video, Community, Culture and Interviews. These six are fundamental core competencies to our Sports Techie brand just like they are to Easton Lacrosse.

This is my third blog written about Easton-Bell Sports. The first was about Easton Hockey helmets: Then last month I wrote about the brand new Easton Baseball pitching helmet:

Easton Lacrosse are using cross-brand resources and proprietarty technology to give their n...

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Sports Techie interview on Emerald City Sports TV

Emerald Nights produced by Centerfield Studios

Emerald City Sports TV
Sports Techie will be interviewed LIVE this Tuesday, April 19th at 8PM PST on the Comcast Cable Emerald City Sports TV variety show on channel 77 and Ch 23 on Broadstripe in King County, Washington. Sports Techie blog readers can also view via the Internet worldwide at If you are on the web, go to the top menu bar and click on “Watch Online.” An updated, free version of RealPlayer is necessary for viewing online.

Since March 2009, the ECSTV Show has been broadcast throughout 500,000 King County Comcast subscribers’ homes with special edition weekly segments of “Mariners Insider”, “Husky Insider” (UW Athletics), “Redhawks Ins...

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Cool Palms by BEX Runner Product Review

BEX (Better Exercise Experience) Runner Company

When I was first contacted via Twitter by BEX (Better Exercise Experience) Runner and asked to try using the Cool Palms performance cooling device as an early adopter candidate, President and inventor Brett Warner could not have know that not only do I love to do just about any workout but I am also a sweater. My theory is that my half-Polish, half-Ecuadorian body composition allows me to adapt well to both hot and cold environments but the tradeoff is that I sweat quickly. If what they designed offers any kind of a core cooling benefit, as a lifetime athlete, I feel qualified to offer a certified Sports Techie review and let you know if it worked for me.

More about BEX Runner can be found at their web site: http://www...

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GameSlam Free Interactive Sports Gaming

GameSlam Free Interactive Gaming

I love baseball and have been playing it my whole life, yet, I sense our Country is losing interest in the long 162-game MLB season in what has traditional been known as America’s pastime because other life priorities are becoming more important and that is why GameSlam could not be coming into your technological reach soon enough.

Think about a play in a sports game like a Grand Slam or a Slam Dunk and how that brings you out of your chair and you will start to understand what GameSlam is doing. They have created a free online gaming Platform that is played with your PC or Mac and soon available via your IOS or Android devices that enables you to predict each next play in a Major League Baseball Game...

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The Nicklaus Academies

It was 25-years ago that Jack Nicklaus won the The Masters golf tournament at the Augusta National course at the record age of 46 as we watched on TV. It was over three years ago that Sports Techie assisted with the installation of the Nicklaus Academies technology in 2008 at the Bear’s Club in West Palm Beach, Florida at the age of 41. I love sports technology and so does Jack!

See the Jack Nicklaus web site and on Twitter:

The Nicklaus Academies
The Nicklaus Academies features a digital Solution of proprietary software analysis, high-speed camera’s, balance and pressure mats, microphones, ball flight monitors, K-Vest 3-D imaging, a computerized putting lab, fitness equipment, custom club & ball fitting, and post-instruction communicati...

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The ‘nPlay Foundation Attacks Childhood Obesity

The 'nPlay Foundation Anti-Childhood Obesity Org

The ‘nPlay Foundation is a Childhood Obesity Foundation that needs our help Sports Techie. They are a not-for-profit 501 ©(3) Foundation that raises money to support physical education and activity programs in low income areas with the highest rate of childhood obesity. Pause, now read that last sentence again.

‘nPlay Foundation
Basically, we all need to get onboard and support ‘nPlay right now so that the future of our children is not one that faces serious health risks and also puts a financial burden onto all our citizens down the road. The fact is one in three children are obese. Learn more about ‘nPlay and obesity facts here:

Jennie Finch 'nPlay Foundation

For every million dollars ‘nPla...

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Fastpoint Games Kelly Perdew and MLS Fantasy Soccer Salary Cap Challenge by Fastpoint Games

Fastpoint Games Kelly Perdew and MLS Fantasy Soccer
I signed up last night for one of the two new Major League Soccer fantasy games created with Fastpoint Games white label platform. It was free and easy to do just like Fastpoint CEO Kelly Perdew told me over the phone using my existing Facebook account to sign up seamlessly. Now I have a MLS Salary Cap Challenge team in the U.S. league with the name Sports Techie, who-ha.

As a two decade fantasy sport player, I recommend that you give this a whirl because the MLS and Fastpoint Games are blowing up and soccer is the next evolution in fantasy sports for you the fans...

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Blue Sombrero

Blue Sombrero Online Registration

Blue Sombrero
Online registration is not new sports technology but the way Blue Sombrero operates as a company with humility and love for the game of soccer sets them apart from their competitors. As a former National Sales Director for Count Me In, I know exactly what benefits they offer and can say in this blog with confidence that either SombreroReg or SombreroWeb will fit many of your youth sports management needs as a soccer org or team. See

These types of software programs are known in the techie world as ‘SAAS’ or service-as-a-software. You may have heard the term “Cloud Computing...

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